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Sid From Ice Age Voted Thottiest Sloth of 2022

The beloved bad boy Sid the Sloth, well known as the side kick to Denis Leary and Ray Romano, recently won a Kid's Choice Award for "Thottiest Sloth of the Year". The award is only handed out every 10,000 years, so Sid was ecstatic to join the likes of...well sloths have been around for 64 million years, and humans only 10,000, so he is technically the first to win the award.

Submissions for this years award come from all corners of the world, and included three main rounds of voting from fans. The fan vote made up 50% of the overall voting, with the remaining coming from ten top judges from across the world.

The judges, an eclectic collection of zoo keepers, bird watchers, and taxidermists, gathered in early May to deliberate. They met in Zurich at the Swiss National Bank to begin discussions, eventually reaching a verdict hours before the awards show. They kept enthralled fans updated by releasing smoke signals from the rooftops. Blue meaning there were multiple front runners; Yellow smoke meaning they had a likely majority; Red meaning they were horny and to watch out for a "u up" text; Black meaning they were out to lunch and not to ring; and White meaning they had finally reached a unanimous agreement.

This year's award was particularly difficult to sort out, with submissions being flooded by images of people sprawled across all sorts of lounging furniture sent in by peeved roommates and spouses. One did make the final nine, mainly due to the judge's enchantment with the tension the image contained.

Debate has raged on whether this award should become a yearly occurrence. It seems the plurality consensus on Twitter is every 10 years to fit the lifestyle of sloths and the "we'll get around to it" mentality they seem to have.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for, the finalists from 2022. Let us know who your winner is in the comments below.


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