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Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving has once again rolled around this year just like you'll be doing after your Turkey Day feast. No matter what you're thankful for this season, the best part about this holiday is the food you get to shove in your face. While you may not be a fan of the traditional turkey or mashed potatoes, there is at least one dish that makes sitting next to your creepy uncle worth it.

The Browmunity has shared a few of our favorites below that will either have you nodding in agreement or looking up new recipes to add to your feast. Enjoy!


Crescent Rolls

Thanksgiving meal has an all star lineup. Turkey, mashed potatoes, or mac n cheese can all go off and drop 50 on any given night. But, these ball hogs aren’t your favorite. You expect them to drive to the hoop and impose their will on your stomach each Thanksgiving.

But, the Thanksgiving teammate that impresses you the most is the one with the most assists. The floor general who doesn’t play for all the glory. I’m talking about the crescent rolls. The buttery goodness that can soak up gravy, pair well with cranberry sauce, or even become the bread in a weird turkey / green bean / sweet potato sandwich. Pillsbury Doughboy is my main man when it comes to thanksgiving feasts. They’re possibly the simplest item to make on the menu and bring the most joy however you consume them.

-- Caleb "Doughboy Lover" Tackes

Green Bean Casserole

The superior side dish. My mother always just follows the recipe on the back of the French’s crispy onion packages. It includes canned green beans and good old fashioned Campbell’s soup. It’s simple but delicious. It goes well with all of the other side dishes and is great with turkey. The best bite is one that includes turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s the perfect combination. Green beans are also the only vegetable I eat on thanksgiving and I am happy to get in all of my important food groups. If you don’t like green bean casserole, your palate is probably just not mature enough to appreciate such flavor and I truly pitty you.

Have a good Thanksgiving and don’t forget to eat your vegetables!!!!

-- Ashley, a green bean lover

Crescent Rolls... Oh wait, I guess Green Bean Casserole then... oh wait

Well, since both of mine were taken, I’ll just step out. Go stuff yoself.

-- Zach "Disappointed" Rimkus

Siphon Gravy Into Me

Look, it's all about the gravy. Don't act like it's not. I know some people might not consider it it's own "dish." You might say that it's in a category called "mashed potatoes and gravy," but I'm here to tell you that gravy is the driving force of the meal. You put gravy on your turkey, on the stuffing, on the potatoes, and on anything else that happens to bless your dry porcelain plate. Gravy keeps you warm. It keeps you fueled. It elevates a meal from a nice turkey dinner to full on Holiday feast. It's all about gravy and it's all about having a good time.

-- Keith Miller, Man

Cheesy Bean Dip

This is a good one because everyone likes it and it’s super simple. I wouldn’t make it for family Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s a great Friendsgiving appetizer. While everyone is slowly filing in and the main courses start to get heated up, bean dip will always be a hit. It’s better than bringing some lame dessert like pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie.

But, be sure to bring a sturdy chip. It’s got to be like Tostitos’s scoops because (and this is from experience) Ruffles won’t be able to handy the melted cheese weight and will crumble into the dip just to become part of the dip itself. If flimsy chips are paired with the dip, a two-handed two-chip method is suggested.

-- Mario "Brings Ruffles to a Friendsgiving" Garza

Pecan Pie

I’m not basic. Well, I’m kind of basic, but not pumpkin pie basic. I’m a thrill seeker enough where I’ll dedicate my well-deserved dessert to a nut-centric pie. But, I’m not a big enough thrill seeker where I’d eat something like my aunt’s ambrosia. Fruit and marshmallows should not mix.

I decided to make pecan pie for the first time this year for a Friendsgiving and it was such a hit that I made another one the next day just for myself. I couldn’t contain it and ate it all in one day. I may have a pecan pie problem.

-- Kyle "Pecan Addict" Gosiewski


Nuts, nuts, nuts. I'm nuts for nuts! If you don't have nuts in a glass bowl on your living room table that I can nibble on throughout the night, then I'm not coming over. And if you want me to stay through dinner then those nuts better be almonds. Not walnuts. I'm not cracking no shells for my nut satisfaction. Not pistachios. Pistachios are doing too well for themselves, have you seen the celebrities spokespeople they have in their commercials? And definitely not normal old peanuts. I'm not a circus elephant!

-- Ryan "Not an Elephant" Gutchewsky

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