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Boomer Eagerly Awaits DVD arrival of Succession Final Season

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Mark Sanchez, not the quarterback, is willing to wait just a little bit longer to catch the finale of HBO's Succession, for seemingly no reason. His patience is about to pay off.

Only upon the DVD arrival will Sanchez, not the quarterback, learn of the shows many plot twists. Somehow he was able to dodge a seasons worth of spoilers for HBO's hit series SUCCESSION, this reporter is not surprised.

Mark Sanchez, not the quarterback, is an aged Boomer of a bygone age now left to his pleasantries and complaints. "There's so much good tv out there right now that I have no problem waiting. Besides, it's too mean and I could do without the cocaine. I don't mind waiting"

Intrigued by the spark of a great story, this reporter dug deeper. Mark Sanchez, not the quarterback, returned to his task of mowing the lawn. I quickly brought up Netflix's recent discontinuation of its DVD mailing service. Sanchez stopped his mower, "I'm glad you said something." Again, this reporter is not surprised. "That was a nice little thing they were doing and most people didn't know they were still doing it so I was able to get one sometimes two movies a week." Mark Sanchez, not the quarterback, began again as he yelled over the running mower. "I've got a big schedule, 'Dune' is in the mail right now..." So pleased with himself, He had not noticed

this reporter walk away.

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