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Woman Accidentally Becomes United Nation’s “Peacemaker”

Updated: May 6, 2022

New York, New York — Chaos ruled at this year’s United Nations Summit in New York. Discussions between Canada and Cuba quickly broke down and turned hostile. Canada’s neighbor, the United States, quickly got involved claiming “Canada is going through a rough break up and needs a little extra space in these trying times.”

Cuba was excited by the events, saying “we haven’t gotten this much attention since the US tried to invade us.”

The US Ambassador to the UN, Michael Quimbly, quickly sprang into action after the news broke, claiming he found a top “peacemaker” while going through airport security.

Nashville native Samantha Jefferson was plucked from the line and rushed to the UN event to help heal the divide between the two nations. Conversation opened amicably, with both sides willing to reach a compromise. They hit a rough patch when it was revealed that Jefferson actually had a pacemaker, and had no previous experience in high stakes negotiations.

After a hearty laugh from both sides, a deal was struck to allow nuclear material to be traded to Cuba for the next 10 years. Well done Samantha!

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