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'What's The Big Idea Here!?' Asks Disgruntled Man Looking At Blueprints

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Joe Quarry, the foreman down at a local construction zone, had an episode of flash delirium when he walked out from under an excavation tent and peered upon the blaring sun. Suddenly, he was transported to a dig sight in Saharan Africa roughly 35 years ago. Staring down the barrel of a Smith and Wesson M1917 he felt the need to muster up a few words towards the man handling it, a man by the name of Regal. Regal was wearing a fez hat, slightly tilted. "This wasn't part of the plan, Regal." Quarry said, followed by a short ping as he spat into a small pale close to his feet. "I thought you were better than this." The sun was high above both their heads, dead middle of the sky, allowing very little room for any shadow. In a few hours time the sun would begin to set and Quarry would be able to relax in the coolness of the evening, but Joe Quarry didn't have a few hours time. All he had was a metal pale with spit in it, a gun in his face, and a trigger happy traitor aiming it like it was a hair dryer and Joe was a sopping wet dog running a muck throughout Christmas dinner.

Regal pulled a rolled up document out of the inner breast pocket in his white blazer. He tossed it at Joe Quarry. It fell at his feet. Regal motioned to pick it up with his gun insinuating that Joe needed to take a look. Joe slowly bent over and with his right hand grasped the rolled up document. Miniscule grains of sand fell from the paper and piled up on the desert floor, adding once again to the vastness of the Saharan landscape.

Quarry stood back up and unrolled the document with both hands. He took a moment to assess what he was looking at. With wide eyes and nervous uncertainty, he looked at Regal, mouth ajar. "What's the big idea here!?" He shouted as he looked back down at the document. He was suddenly looking at a floor layout plan for an up and coming apartment building in Chicago Illinois. The plan showed a two bedroom apartment with 1 and a half bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, kitchen, and back deck. The layout plan also suggested that this would be one of four apartments in the building. He looked up and his assistant was staring at him with a concerned look on his face and a hard hat which was slightly skewed. "It's uhhh the blueprints. For the building." He took the document out of his bosses hands. "This is our weekly meeting. Yuh know, our weekly meeting where we review our current project. The one where we set weekly and monthly goals." He noticed that his boss, Joe "Rock Hard" Quarry looked lost but was slowly coming back to reality. "Why don't you sit down and I'll go upstairs and nail in the banister with the nail gun." He lifted up a nail gun in his hand, showing he was ready to work. "There's a bucket right over there in case you're not feeling well. Maybe you've had too much sun." I've had enough sun for a lifetime. He thought to himself as his assistant walked into the work sight. I've had enough sun for two lifetimes.

Joe Quarry started his construction company, Regal Construction, in the late 80's after coming into a moderate amount of money. Regal Construction just had their best fiscal year since the companies conception and they have signed on a record number of new clients for 2021. It looks like Joe "Rock Hard" Quarry is doing well for himself! Keep it up dude!

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