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“Ur-A-Penis”: Boris Johnson’s Latest Insult For Europeans

Despite his recent resignation as Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s rebellious spirit is still alive and well. The former Prime Minister’s disdain for his neighbors shone bright on Friday morning as he wagged his finger and showed his bum to the crowd following his incendiary statement. This follows closely to his farewell speech to Parliament on Wednesday.

Johnson originally rose to prominence in the build up to Brexit, and while only the Mayor of London at the time, he quickly moved from bike commuting cutie to the laughing stock of British government. This eventually culminated in him becoming Prime Minister, after no one from his party seemed to understand that Brexit is in fact NOT breakfast.

Boris also sparked controversy over the weekend after he was spotted with a prostitute resembling an old Margaret Thatcher, the true high watermark all young Conservative Party men dream to reach.

Johnson is expected to wander aimlessly around London in his retirement, occasionally yelling at pigeons and visiting the many famous British museums of stolen goods. He has also said that his 10 year plan includes eventually moving to Argentina to join the German side of his family.

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