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Slice of Life: The Scallions Are Coming In

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Hey everyone, my roommate is growing scallions! A couple days ago my roommate put some scallions in a jar with water and over time they started to sprout. They're commonly referred to as green onions, but these little guys are actually scallions. You can chop'um up. Throw'um on your breakfast food, seafood, or maybe even some spicy carnitas! There's a whole mess of options with scallions. And check it out, my neighbor has a dope ride! It's like, seriously awesome! He parks it there from time to time and I always sneak a peak when I'm checking in on my roommates scallions. This section of my apartment is stellar. I show it off whenever I have guests over. We're the talk of the town!

On the other side of my apartment building are a bunch of construction workers. They're working on the condemned building next door. I'm pretty excited to see what they do with the place. Every morning at 6:30 they go to work, laughing, singing, and swinging hammers. These guys must be pretty tough, I know I wouldn't mess them. Their loud jackhammers and CAT bulldozers are better alarm clocks than my stupid iPhone.

I was talking with a client today in the middle of my shortened lunch break, and I said "I'm so sorry. I can't hear a word you're saying, paradise is too loud!"

And she said "Would you be able to maybe walk down the street and continue this conversation on your cellphone? Get away from all that noise."

And I responded "I wish I could but I live right next to the ambulance loading bay at my local hospital! And I'm sure you've been watching the news. The hospitals are crazy right now." She laughed and gave me a million dollars. That's city life for yuh!

So what do I do? I take some time to appreciate what got me here in the first place. Here's to the scallions.

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