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Selected Sounds: The Majesty of Snoring

Here at Highbrow Lowbrow, we like our sounds. We curate all sorts of playlists, and have recently partnered with your favorite sleep app to curate a playlist that's all your own. Which sleep app you say? Hahaha you're so charming ;)

This partnership will bring to you what your heart has always secretly desired: all your best snores, all in one place. Tired of getting that weekly report of only a few recordings? Not sure which week had that wickedly deep sample that shook something deep inside of you? Worry no more since we'll do the worrying for you.

Rest easy knowing you're being taken care of at all times. With the help of our interns who have selflessly volunteered to sift through endless hours of snore-cordings, we'll make sure you wake up gleefully to your all-star hits.

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