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Racecar Spelled Backwards Is Actually How You Summon The Devil

All hail Beelzebub, the Fallen! A new day has dawned and we have helped usher it in. Some call it Ragnarok, some call it Armageddon, and others call it a cheesy Bruce Willis and Ben Afleck movie that makes zero sense. I mean why wouldn’t they just train astronauts to space mine rather than the reverse? C’mon NASA, you’re smarter than that.

Sorry, I got distracted. Back to the task at hand. We have summoned Lucifer himself! By reading the title of this article, you have gave him even more power. If you read it aloud, that counts double. Do it again!

We would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t tell this secret to any F1 or NASCAR fans you know. They’ve allowed us to have a baseline and we really need that to keep this summoning portal open. If you wouldn’t mind sharing this article with everyone else in your life, we’d greatly appreciate that too.


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