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Punk Rock is Projected to Suck for the Next Four Years Says Industry Professionals

Yesterday, Greg Grinn, lead singer of California based American punk rock band Black Flag, said that punk rock is going to have a slow and boring four years now that Donald Trump is out of office.

“I‘m just nowhere near as mad as I was a few weeks ago,“ Grinn Said while eating a cucumber sandwich. “Sure I’m still frustrated,” he commented as he reached for a glass of rose petal water. “But I’m looking forward to relaxation.”

He was enjoying a midday snack with his friend Julian Casablancas, lead singer of The Strokes. When asked, Casablancas said that he's excited for the primaries in a few years so that he can play another show with Bernie Sanders or whoever the kids are most into at the time. "Maybe I'll promote a new album while I'm at it. Maybe I'll just run for congress instead." He took a sip from a glass of champagne. "Whatever," he said putting on a pair of sunglasses. "I'm on vacation."

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