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Parents Horrified After Baby's First Words Are "I Didn't Ask For This"

Updated: May 6, 2022

California - Two parents, Julie and Donald, were very disturbed this past Tuesday after hearing their infant speak for the first time. The couple was downstairs watching MSNBC and drinking water flavored LaCroix, when they heard crying on the baby monitor. When they entered the room the baby simply burped and said, "I didn't ask for this." Following this the baby then went right back to sleep.

"I was expecting something cute like dada or ball. Now it just feels like some type of reincarnation cycle gone wrong," said Julie.

"As a parent it's totally normal to wonder if you should bring a child into this messed up world. It's very unexpected though when your child confirms that for you," Donald shared.

After this happened, the terrified couple proceeded to search online for any information on the importance and relevance of a baby's first words, but came up empty handed.

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