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O Woe is Me!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Trust not my silly face or chortled demeanor! Be not fooled by my endless mouth scarf or colorful mammalian balloons! Though my juggling tricks bring you joy, they only bring me sorrow! O woe is me!

Cry not orphan! I'm but a sponge for your worried snarls and thusly do I reflect those snarls into tears of joy! Gaze upon me and puke happiness!

Who goes there? Another weeping orphan! O orphan weep no longer, but stead, witness me juggle these rocks in falsified glee!

See joy upon my jowl and know it to be true! Happiness and merriment surround me in every passing moment! Though woe lives deep in this house these walls are made of splendor and awe! Know my laughter and fear my smile!

Yes, orphans! Witness what true happiness reflects onto you! Forget your worries and forget your parents! Know not what sorrows lurk beyond this show! Celebrate these rocks tossed in air!

Howl at me! Sing songs of praise and worship to your clown upon the stage! Let Christ know that he suffered for naught! I suffer for you, Orphans, so that sorrows be washed clean by gleeful tears!

Stomp your feet! Clap your hands! Shake the walls of this house and bring it crumbling down! Man can't erect a home! Man can't build walls! All is nothing in the face of hilarity! I am beyond man! I am the last man eternal and restless! I am that which you can't comprehend! Clap until hands bleed and fingers break!

Joyous, joyous, joyous me! My woe is no more, leave these walls and reflect my truth!

A moments rest, away from mania and passion. O these solemn moments come and go with no reason, no warning. O The smiles upon their gape upon mine too. O woe is me!

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