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No One More Frustrated With Themselves Than Pro Athlete

USA- "Listen, no one is more disappointed in me than I am." convinced the Pro Athlete during a press conference after the big loss. This reporter cut right to the point with a biting question. "Don't you get paid the big bucks to win the big game?"

"Yes, that is why I get paid the big bucks. To win games like that, but this time I didn't." Responded the Pro Athlete as they oozed frustration. Willing to give themselves no credit, this Pro Athlete insisted all the credit be placed upon the other team. "They played a good game, you have to give them credit," the Pro Athlete explained.

At this juncture there is only one option for an athlete or team of such pros. "The way I see it, we only have one option," the Pro Athlete detailed, "And that is to put this loss behind us and prepare for tomorrow."

For those unaware, this pro athlete is referencing another big game, which will take place tomorrow and is somehow even bigger. If the pro athlete can pull off the impossible and win the big game, they will no doubt experience less frustration.

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