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New Study Finds God Didn't Abandon Us, But Is Just Currently On Unemployment

Researcher and guy who is a little too happy about his ex wife going missing, Bobby Vanderson says that he believes that God can hear us but God realized He could make more from doing absolutely nothing.

When questioned about his belief, Vanderson said, "I wouldn't take it personally. Running heaven ain't free and with Christian participation amongst young people down in recent years, even the creator of the universe has financial struggles."

The study has faced criticism from some saying Vanderson is not the ambassador to heaven and unemployment is an "Earth thing." In response to this Vanderson said, "God on unemployment isn't all that bad. This is our chance to drink more wine in the morning more often than just Sunday."

I guess we will never know for sure what's going on with the magical being in the sky. One things for sure though, we will all continue to fight over it.

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