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Neighborhood On Edge As Tickle Monster Sightings Rise

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Carmel, IN--What was once a nice town just north of Indianapolis has become an absolute nightmare as residents are boarding up windows, igniting torches, and smearing lambs blood on their front doors in the hopes of avoiding what's being described as "The Tickle Monster." "I've seen the tickle monster. He's real, and he's fast." Says Matthew Johnson, local father and struggling little league coach. "The tickle monster won't kill you, but when he's done with you you'll wish you were dead. He gets you when you least expect it. When you're sleeping, when you're watching a movie, or when you're eating ice cream. The worst part? He can't die--at least not by conventional methods." Says Johnson, who was loading a flare gun with two emergency rounds, he had just finished sharpening an axe with a silver blade moments prior. "I've burned him alive, shot him through the head, disemboweled him, hit him with a truck. He keeps coming back." Above our heads was a large net attached to a rope. "Tonight, we're going to catch him. He can't come back if we don't let him leave." The neighborhood grew quiet as homeowners began dead bolting their doors and turning out their lights. Matthew Johnson sat quietly on his front patio, axe by his side, waiting.

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