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'My Body is a Paradox. I Am a Shell that was Never Born' Says Steve-O Promoting New Jackass Film

Updated: May 6, 2022

Wow, I'm psyched! Jackass four, henceforth entitled Jackass Forever, sounds like it's gearing up to a blast! Steve-O said in an interview earlier this morning that his "body is a paradox" and that he is a "shell that was never born." "After three Jackass movies and seven reconstructive surgeries, I've started to feel less and less like myself. Imagine a ship that's weathered so many storms and each time it returns to shore it's mast needs to be rebuilt, or the bow reconstructed in order to keep the ship in working order." Steve-O said with his iconic glistening smile. "The ship will never retire, but is it the same ship that was christened with a bottle of champagne on its maiden voyage? Am I the same man who's repeatedly had his shit knocked out of him time and time again for cheap laughs and B level celebrity-hood?" Sounds like Jackass Forever is finally going to answer some tough questions that fans of the series have been asking for years!

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