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Music You Should Know: Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf, the 24 year old self described "crazy bih" is quickly growing in popularity, and quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. In recent times, she's managed to go on tours with popular acts like Still Woozy, Cautious Clay and BENEE. I'm not sure what I like the most about her: her exorbitant personality, her incredible vocal range, or her spastic song structure that somehow works flawlessly.

Remi is a character and a half. Every time that I look her up I learn something new. Whether it be her love for beans, the fact that she was a junior olympic skier, or the fact that she auditioned for American Idol six years ago at the age of 17. Even some of the visuals for her music were inspired by Spy Kids! She certainly is not afraid to be herself, and that is very prominent in her music. When asked to describe her music making process she told Pigeon & Planes, "I don't know how to talk about making the music. I just made it and it was done. Kinda like when you take a shit. So, these songs are my cute little shits and y'all are my lawn!" I'm down to be the home of her cute lil' shits if she continues to make the music that she's making.

She describes her music as "funky soul pop", and honestly that's right on the spot. I can't help to bump my head and sing along when her songs come on. The combination of funky guitar and driving bass lines are deadly, and give her music an incredible feel. On top of her vocals and her strings, she's not afraid to bring out her "crazy bih" personality into her music. Her hit song "Woo!" has been lauded as an ADHD anthem.

She just dropped her new EP I'm Allergic To Dogs! this past Wednesday, and it is one of my favorite projects of 2020 already. I fully expect for her to grow as an artist and only continue to grow in popularity. For real tho, you should drop everything you're doing and vibe the fuck out to the new EP, see link below.

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