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🎵 Music of the Month - February 2023

Who's ready for the shortest month of the year? We've got a playlist that just might be longer to help get you through the cold. We've got artists old and new, including this writer's two picks to find their way into your consciousness in 2023: JID and IDLES. Maybe it's the all caps, but there's something about them we love.

Other highlights include "Me and the Devil" a haunting gospel march, "Lucerne" a beautiful piano led melody on the verge of falling apart, and "Prayers" a introspective story about a life hopefully lived right.

As always, let us know which songs move, grove, and soothe you. Also, add the songs you’re rocking this month in the comments! If they’re good enough, we’ll add them to the playlist! And remember, the playlist is best listened to with shuffle OFF. It’s a game changer, we promise. Add a 5 second crossover to get the full experience!

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