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Music You Should Know - Omar Apollo

Updated: May 16, 2020

Omar Apollo, 22, grew up outside of Chicago. His parents were hardworking religious people that managed to buy him his first guitar at the age of 12. The guitar they got him ended up being an electric guitar without an amp. That didn't stop Omar though, he went to the local pawn shop and traded it in for an acoustic one. From participating in his church's musical outlets to this first guitar, Omar began to develop a keen aptitude for song writing. So much so, he decided to share his music with the world. He wanted to start a Soundcloud in 2017, but he was flat broke. He ended up having to borrow $30 from a friend of his to upload his hit song "Ugotme", which is undeniably one of his best songs and hands down the most popular at the moment.

"Ugotme" was the first song that I heard by Omar Apollo and I was instantly hooked. His unique blend of R&B, funk and pop drew me in. I immediately started telling everyone that I knew about him and his music. I even lauded him as the next "Justin Timberlake". My admiration for Omar only intensified once I saw him live in May of 2019, about a month after his album Friends came out, (Mk.gee opened, he is very good if you haven't listened). He put on an electric performance to enthusiastic fans who seemed to know every word to every one of his songs. Even songs off of his most recent album. It is to date one of the best shows that I have ever been to.

If you like good and funky music, give Omar a listen. He is always one of my first recommendations when people are searching for new music to listen to.

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