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Man With Huge Ego Bawls Eyes Out After Losing On Bowling Date

Indiana - Confused, thinking this would be just like it was on the Wii, a man was spotted whimpering in a bowling alley parking lot late this past Saturday. The hope was that he would be able to show his date that he, in fact, could dominate those lanes. This seemed to backfire, though, when his date bowled 54 points higher than him.

"She apparently has been bowling before today. I would have never agreed to this if I knew that ahead of time. What a snake!" the man exclaimed.

After reclining the seat in his car and listening to ASTROWORLD start to finish, the man eventually went back inside, alone this time. He then proceeded to play every single arcade game in a desperate attempt to prove he is worth SOMETHING. His date was seen taking an Uber home.

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