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Man Eats Mini Hotdogs At Holiday Party, Reassures Guests That He Can Down Just As Many Jumbo Sized

Updated: May 6, 2022

Ann Arbor, MI--Actions speak louder than words, is the lesson learned tonight as local party attendee, Desmond Stevenson, ate roughly 30 mini hot dogs and mentioned repeatedly that he could down just as many in jumbo size, if not more. "In my personal life I'll eat as many jumbo sized hotdogs as possible," said Stevenson, whose face was beet red after another party goer commented on the number of mini hotdogs he had eaten. "I'm only eating these little, tiny, pathetic, micro hotdogs to be polite." Stevenson insisted that if anyone doubts him they can go outside and take a look at the hotdogs he has in the bed of his lifted truck right now, or, if anybody has a jumbo sized hotdog with them then he’ll gladly demonstrate just how quickly he can house one. Stevenson's wife was seen cheering him on while spilling wine on the living room carpet.

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