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It Turns Out The True Meaning of Valentines Day Was Mahalo All Along

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Yesterday the Highbrow-Lowbrow team set off individually throughout the city of Chicago to find the true meaning of Valentines Day. After a tumultuous day of adventure and life changing sacrifice we came together to discuss our findings. To no surprise our discoveries were eerily similar. It was unanimous. The one word on everybody’s mind, and the only word that I was shouting in joyous benediction was “mahalo” Mahalo means more than just “maha-lo” it also means “mahala” “mahalos” and ”mahalomos.” The past tense of mahalo is “mahalen” and if you are using it as a proper noun then its “Mahalord.” Don’t forget to capitalize it. Now, I get asked all the time, “Keith, I want to use mahalo more in my day to day life and in my personal life as well, where do I begin?” In my experience I’d say that there is never too much mahalo, so use it liberally. When you start using mahalo, passerby’s on the street might say that you’re a “you-know-what” which can be discouraging, but you need to take it in stride and take it with pride. Mahalo does increase your risk of lung cancer, but it actually lowers your risk for pancreatic cancer so you’d be a fucking moron to not invest time into your mahalo usage daily.

How can you start? Put on “Day-O” in celebration of Valentines and let the spirit of St. Valentine take it from there.

Don't forget to follow Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on instagram, as he is our ambassador and worldly connection to the spirit of St. Valentine. Mahalo!

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