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Growing Up a Daft Punk

After 28 years the iconic duo, Daft Punk has called it quits for reasons unknown to the public. If you’re like me, born in 1993 the duo has been around for your entire life. Their music found a way into my ears throughout my entire life. Whether it be collaborations with musicians such as Kanye West, The Weekend, and Pharrell or their own inspirational tunes, Daft Punk has touched us all in different ways.

I’ve always been a casual fan of Daft Punk. Admittedly, I’ve never fully delved into their music, but their music has shaped the world I live in and shaped my life as well. So without further ado, a glimpse into my life as Daft Punk dropped hit after hit.

1997: Around the World

Daft Punk dropped the song “Around the World” as a part of their album “Homework”. The song peaked at 5 on the US charts, and I was just 4 years old. The song found its way into the iconic cartoon Daria, which is where I probably first heard it. At 4 years old, I moved into the house that I would end up living in for nearly 20 years. I was just getting into sports. I might’ve just started kindergarten when it was released. Since its release, I’ve heard it countless times and learned that glue sticks are in fact not tasty treats. 1997 was also the year Pokémon was first released, and I can confirm that I was completely obsessed.

1997 also marked several historical events such as Princess Diana’s funeral, Versace was murdered, and the Titanic was released in theaters.

2000: One More Time

Ahh yes, the year 2000. I was 7 years old, and nearly at my peak. I was fully into Pokémon and played it consistently on my Gameboy. 2000 was the first time and only time in my life that I’ve been to Disney World. Y2K didn’t happen. Christina Aguilera was just emerging as a new musician and piqued my interest in the female gender. My nights were filled with my family huddled around the TV in the living room watching the first season of Survivor. 2000 was an incredible year. Except for that whole Bush v Gore fiasco.

2001: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

We all know what happened in 2001. We all remember where we were on that fateful day in September. For me, I remember being at the bus stop when a neighbor proclaimed, “Some drunk just crashed his airplane into the World Trade Center”. 2001 marked the start of endless wars in the Middle East. On a more upbeat note, it was also when Daft Punk dropped the hit song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. I was just starting second grade, which meant cursive was the hardest thing in my life. AOL just formed as a company and little did I know that it would be my biggest wingman in the coming years.

2005: Technologic

LCD Soundsystem releases “Daft Punk is Playing at my House”, I don't know if we would’ve ever heard LCD Soundsystem without Daft Punk. I’m finally done with elementary school. Ready to explore the world of middle school. The White Sox FINALLY win a world series. My family and I had a special ritual where we would light a series of candles in order. Can’t mess with the mojo. 2005 was a year filled with a lot of memories and some crazy events like Hurricane Katrina, Rosa Parks dying and Tom Cruise broke Oprah’s wrists in a fit of love. My cousin also made my first myspace account for me, let the drama of top friends begin.

2006: The Prime Time of Your Life

This song admittedly wasn’t as huge as some of the other songs in this list. But, it was still a gigantic song at the time. 2006 was another crazy year, that had everything from mine disasters to the trial of Enron. While the economic collapse was just around the corner, I was just starting to get the hang of middle school. AIM was my means to talk to friends and cute girls in my grade. I was starting to really get into soccer and my icon at the time Zidane made it to the world cup final. Zidane ended up getting red carded in that game with the head-butt that was seen around the world. I was also immense at RuneScape.

2013: Get Lucky

In addition to making Get Lucky with Pharrell, Daft Punk also was credited for working with Kanye West on the album Yeezus. My first year in college was underway. I was getting into the groove of this whole college thing. I met many of the other writers on this blog. Spent countless nights out with many people who would go on to become some of my best friends. I was learning the ropes of what classes to skip, what dining halls to avoid and what parties to go to. I heard Get Lucky countless times at house and frat parties that year. It was the biggest song that came out that year. Moms started making Facebooks and playing Candy Crush. Obama began his second term; we had recovered from The Great Recession and everything was on the way up. From my personal life to my overall outlook on the world, 2013 was an incredible year.

2016: The Weekend Collaborations

In 2016 Daft Punk was credited with helping The Weekend create 2 songs, Starboy and I Feel it Coming. I just graduated college and was excited about the things to come. I started my first job out of college and moved to a city where I didn’t know anyone. Donald Trump somehow got elected president. Facebook became a breeding grounds for misinformation to be consumed by the same moms who used it to play candy crush not too many years before that. Crying Jordan was one of several viral memes. And, despite the optimism that I held in 2013 of the world becoming a better place, the downward spiral began, even The Cubs managed to win a World Series. At least Pokémon go was released that year.

2021: The End

With 2020 behind us (Thank God), the Corona Virus vaccinations being distributed and Donald Trump out of office after being impeached twice, things are starting to look up again. I started a new job in 2020 that I’m very happy about. I’ve moved into a new apartment that I love. I missed out on the GameStop craze #Diamondhands. It is weird being in a post-Daft Punk world. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for music. The countless musicians that you inspired. The countless songs that were gigantic successes. The countless memories. Feel free to watch their farewell video below.

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