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Get in the Spirit: 13 Spooky Relevant Spirit Halloween Costumes

Spirit Halloween is a spooky stable of the season of the dead. Every August, it arises from the grave to possess abandoned strip malls. There, in the corpse of a Toys R Us or Sears department store, the Halloween giant pours its novelty, its malice, and its will to dominate all things spooky. And it's done a stellar job of doing it. So much so, that Spirit Halloween has successfully secured itself in the zeitgeist of the season. Specifically in 2022, the zeitgeist centers around memes and Spirit Halloween does not disappoint. They've created their own meme template and let it loose online. Fortunately, Highbrow-Lowbrow has scoured the internet for the 13 spookiest, most relevant Spirit Halloween memes out there.

Viewer beware, you're in for a scare... or maybe a chuckle or two.

1. Midwest Winter Raver Girl

2. Antisemitic Shoe Salesman

3. Middle Earth Dude

4. Spirit Halloween Store

5. Conservative Guy Scared of Cities

6. My Dad

7. Bernie Sanders

8. Corn

9. Professional Talker

10. Trump 2024

11. 30 Minute Phone Call

12. Travel Nurse

13. Chief Twit