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Everybody's Playing With Pooh: Top 10 Spin Offs For The Characters

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Oh bother. Beloved characters of the Hundred Acre Wood have recently entered the public domain in 2022. While this is a new area of the map they have yet to explore due to their historically capitalistic ways, early reports state that most are adapting well. The only hold out seems to be Tigger, who claims to still be tied down by contract until 2024.

Winnie the Pooh has immediately turned to serial killing and is set to star in an upcoming movie based upon it. Whether or not that movie makes it to the big screen is yet to be seen, but he has been quoted as saying, "There must be blood. The forest demons demand it. I will not go back to them empty handed again."

Piglet is set to co-star in the film, but has been less enthusiastic, saying "I hope I can follow in Anya Taylor-Joy's footsteps and make the jump from slasher films to the main stream."

Upon release into the public domain, Eeyore finally got his way and offed himself. His body wasn't discovered for 8 weeks until Rabbit called the police to do a wellness check on his on-again, off-again neighbor.

With the hype building around the characters, here are our countdown of the 10 best ways to use the Winnie the Pooh characters in pop culture:

10. Two Girls, One Pooh

9. Down Rabbit's Hole

(We promise it's not just porn ideas)

8. The Bare Necessities

(Okay, we're done. We promise)

7. Pooh-orsche, as in the car brand

6. A Batman & Christopher Robin movie

5. Saying "Let's get Pig-lit in this bitch."

4. Remaking Wicker Man staring Winnie as the main character. "Not the bees!!!"

3. Using the pickup-line, "When I see you, I get a Heffalump in my pants."

2. Recasting Winnie the Pooh as the bear in The Revenant. Extra points if Piglet is DiCaprio.

1. Reenacting 127 Hours, but with Pooh's butt stuck in a hole


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