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Disney+ Introduces Disney After Dark

In an attempt to reach a broader audience, Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, recently introduced the new steamier, streaming platform– Disney After Dark. The adult-content platform includes hundreds of raunchy reimaginings of Disney classics. “I’m honored to introduce a streaming platform of original Disney movies geared towards a perverted, adult audience.” Said Bob Chapek in an exclusive interview with Bromunity. Disney announced in February that Chapek would take the helm as CEO replacing the long-tenured Bob Igor. The new Bob made good on his promise of widespread changes to Disney+ calling the new addition, “content for the rest of us”. “You like foot stuff? Well then, you’ll love the soon-to-be classic Cinderella’s Left Foot!” Exclaimed the giddy Chapek. “Whatever your fetish is, we got it.” Other new releases available only on Disney After Dark include The Bareback of Notre Dame, 101 Dominatrixes, 7 Dwarves and 1 Fair Maiden, (Gapping) Holes, and so many other full-length pornographic pictures.

When asked if the new streaming platform would conflict with Disney’s family-oriented brand, Chapek explained, “Disney has always keenly listened to what our dedicated fan base wants in streaming content; and the results are in, the fans demand more Simba and Nala, lion-on-lion action!” Early reports suggest that Disney After Dark will act as Phase 1 in Disney’s plan for a pornographic cinematic universe. Expect the mass media and entertainment conglomerate to milk each Disney pornographic original with plenty of unnecessary sequels, spinoffs, jerkoffs, and live-action films.

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