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Dad & Son Book Club - June & July

We hear you want more intriguing books, eh? How about a classic spy thriller in the form of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? It follows the fast paced story the journey of George Smiley, an aging spy master, as he attempts to uncover a Cold War Soviet spy in the British government.

Not sold yet? The movie adaptation has Gary Oldman, and you know what that means...we only know that because IMDb told us, despite 15 viewings to see which character he was playing...


We are giving everyone 2 months to read it since it is a bit longer than our usual. That doesn't mean it'll take you as long as Dune...

Buy what we’re reading here: Amazon Link

Join us August 1st at 7PM for a Zoom call to discuss the book: Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 818 2713 0405

Passcode: Gary

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