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Dad & Son Book Club - December 2023

In the wintery bluster, we find calm.

This month we go on the spiritual journey that is Siddhartha. Writen by the massively underrated Hermann Hesse, this novel explores the path of a character who seeks enlightenment. Although the main character shares the name of the first Buddha, this character seeks enlightenment through an alternative path.

Some things are worth revisiting, and although by my dad and I have read this before, it seemed a fitting time to read a story filled with self discovery, meditation, and finding your way through a path that only you are paving. Even when the road seems the loneliest, there is much to be found.

This Month's Book: Sidhartha by Herman Hesse

Buy what we’re reading here: Amazon Link

If you're an audio-book freak: Audible Link

Join us January 7th at 7PM for a Google Meet call to discuss the book: Google Meet Link


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