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Bro Playing Guitar in the Quad Signs Record Deal

World renowned music manager, Jimmy Starr, recently struck gold while on a campus tour with his daughter. “We were being led to the south dorms when suddenly, I heard the most captivating voice,” recalls Star. Sitting criss-cross apple sauce and belting out Banana Pancakes alone under a tree, Travis Athens, demanded Starr's attention. “Jimmy stormed up to me and asked if I had any representation,” recounts Athens, “honestly, he kind of harshed my vibes. ”

While at school, Travis has grown a small, but dedicated following. “Travis deserves to be shared with the world because he works so hard. He’s in Scholars Quad almost every day,” claims sole fan-girl, Ashley Wells.

Starr has helped the careers of names like Yung Elderly, DJ JD, and Lil’ Obesity. Only time will tell whether Starr’s newest star will truly shine.

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