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Area Dad Suffers Grill Season Ending Injury

"Wow, this is a huge loss for the neighborhood," said Robert Klotz, neighbor to Kevin Greenwood who broke his arm last Friday in a competitive Rummikub game. "Kevin is our go-to guy on the grill. He's hosted the neighborhood barbecue for the last ten years. The guy's a real pro. Burgers, dogs, brats, ribs, potatoes, tomatoes - Kevin does it all. It's a shame. I'd say he could use his left arm to grill, but we all know it just wouldn't be the same."

Early injury reports state that Kevin will need to wear a cast on his right grilling arm for at least a couple of months. "I might be able to make an appearance during the final stretch of the season, or during the playoffs - the major league Rummikub playoffs. The family always throws a big playoffs barbecue" said Kevin. "Hopefully, I'll be at full grilling strength by then. I'd hate to be on the IL for that."

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