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Are You Serious? Office Idiot Just Mispronounced "Memory" as "Remembery"

Updated: May 6, 2022

Jesus Christ, Thad Jennings, the office idiot, just mispronounced "memory" and instead said "remembery" like he's some stupid six year old. What a dumb ass, am I right?

Not thirty seconds after his colossal fuck up, he was putting a pen in his breast pocket and the entire thing exploded all over his checkered button up shirt. Thad seriously looks like the biggest idiot on the planet right now.

As he was getting up to wash the ink off of his hideous shirt he said "I guess it's just one of those mays." I'm sorry, did he just say "mays" instead of "days?" Uhhhh, it's June, dipshit.

He might as well wear a shirt with his face on it that says "I'M WITH STUPID" in big bold letters.

Thank god he has to go to the doctors office tomorrow. Work is finally going to be enjoyable for once.

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