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An Honest Mistake: Local College Kid Who Enjoys Both Disc Golf and Vinyl Throws Wrong Circle

Updated: May 26, 2020

Uh-oh looks like a local college kid threw the wrong circle! Chet Stuart, a 22 year old senior at DePaul University mixed up his hobbies today when he threw a copy of Jethro Tull's Aqualung during a pick-up game of disc golf. He's pretty embarrassed, but we've all been there, right?

"I didn't want to throw my copy of Agualung" Stuart said after realizing which circle he grabbed out of his bag and tossed towards a goal post. "It wasn't even my copy." He said correcting himself. "It was my Dads." Crap! That could've been an original pressing! Who knows how much it was worth. The worst part is, Sally O'Brien was there and she's like, really cool. He's got no chance with her now.

Everyone was wondering if he was stoned. Maybe he lit up before the game started and that's why he grabbed the wrong circle out of his bag. But when his friends asked he responded saying that he doesn't even smoke! His friends already knew that but they wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt without completely embarrassing him in front of Sally. I guess it was an honest mistake.

A few minutes later Sally was seen texting someone on her phone. She was probably texting all of her friends letting them know that Chet Stuart is be a big dumb idiot who doesn't know which circles you're supposed to throw.

Stuart is considering dropping out.

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