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A Haunting Halloween Playlist

It's spooky season y'all.

The pumpkins are out and skeletons are propped up in many a front yard. So naturally, you need a spooky soundtrack to go along with the season.

Here's some tunes in the theme of witches, ghouls, werewolves, and all things Hallows Eve. But it's not your usual Halloween party playlist where it's just 20 different versions of Monster Mash on repeat. It's a cool Halloween playlist. Play it for your friends and trick and treat them into thinking you've got a great taste in music.

But, it's not all meant to be creepy or unsettling. So I made sure you get to enjoy some of the more light-hearted Halloween themed tunes like Werewolf Bar Mitzvah and Abracadabra...because you're welcome. Fun fact - Steve Miller Band's Abracadabra was one of my favorite songs when I was like 6 years old and still holds a special place in my heart (or my ears, I guess?).

Happy (almost) Halloween everybody!

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