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15 Ways To Prank Your Roommates On April Fools’ Day (But You Live Alone)

Ah, the timeless classic hi-jinks of an April Fools’ joke. Whether it originated from the vernal equinox (first day of Spring), the Roman Hilaria festival, or those idiots that didn’t know that society had switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar (the village called, they want their idiots back, amirite?), it is a beloved holiday that has continued for centuries in some form or another.

What’s that you say? You don’t know any good pranks or have anyone to do them on? Try out these 15 time tested pranks to make the most of the holiday. Many of these have been fine tuned from living alone for five years, combined with a sadistic sense of humor. Remember, if you can't live with yourself, no one can!

  1. Place water above your door. When you open the door, a bucket of water will fall on your head and you’ll have your shower for the day! Play a prank on the prankster.

  2. Put Saran wrap over your toilet. Nothing like the smell of urine to liven up the bathroom!

  3. Cross out the expiration dates on your eggs so you don’t know when they expire. Maybe they’ll hatch!

  4. Swap all your clothes for a size smaller. Do you have body image issues? Now you do!

  5. Reset your clocks an hour ahead. Now you’ll know the meaning of being "awkwardly early" and having to help the host set up!

  6. Replace your shoelaces with spaghetti noodles. Even better if the shoes are made from ramen!

  7. Loosen the cap on your salt shaker so it spills everywhere. Hope you don’t live with any snails!

  8. Send yourself a Valentine's Day card. Because nobody loves you!

  9. Replace your shampoo with Nair. Nothing's funnier than giving the shower drain a toupee!

  10. Listen to Neil Young on repeat.

  11. Put IcyHot in your toothpaste. Are you a rapper? Cause you’re spitting hot fire!

  12. Buy 50 gold fish and put them in cups around your apartment. Hopefully you don’t accidentally drink any! Life is precious, except when it costs 25 cents.

  13. Leave fish out on your counter to rot. Now that's some poison poisson! And the smell to boot!

  14. Drive backwards on the highway. Even better if you don’t have a license!

  15. Close all your bank accounts, throw away your phone, and get off the grid. Everyone will think you died, but you’ll know that you simply enjoy living like the year is 1701!

That's right! Nothing like living in 1701 to spell the start of a good time. Hopefully you enjoyed our list and get a chance to try some out! Legally, we have to remind you to not do any of these, but wish you the best in all your pranking endeavors.


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