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On Words

Is a word in another language really a word if you don’t know that language? Is a word in your own language really a word if you die never learning it? Of course objectively they are, but subjectively?

This brings up the question of why words die. Why they live for a while and go out of use basically forever, minus the notation in some dictionaries that it ONCE was a word. Good for that word. It lived a life and died a peaceful death. 200 years from now it may once again be gibberish.

But back to the point, the things you never learn or never experience, do they actually exist and hold merit? What about the things that only individuals experience? I’d like to think that everything holds value and everything has merit, but that’s wishful thinking and I know it. Things die. Things disappear. Things that only you experienced fade from your memory and cease to exist.

Words have the same fate. It is only those that are remembered that remain. Much like our heroes, if we forget them, they return to the nothingness of post-existence. They are only kept alive by memory, and memory is a fickle thing.

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