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Bromunity's All-Time Favorite Christmas Movies

Everyone has a special Christmas movie. Maybe you watch it every year with your family around a roaring fire while building gingerbread houses and baking figgy pudding. Or maybe you saw half of it on a Red Eye once, but what you did see was pretty good. No matter the special connection to your Christmas movie, you always get the urge to watch it around the holidays.

So the Bromunity Community put together a list of our favorite Christmas movies that are sure to put you in the Christmas mood. Movies we recommend adding to your arsenal of Christmas-time must-watches.


Jingle All The Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Christmas movie… I repeat, Arnold Schwarzenegger as THE LEAD in a Christmas movie… what more do I need to say? There’s midget Santa punching (seriously this guy gets fired back like a torpedo), reindeer punching (don’t worry PETA they make up and share a beer later on), and an unhinged Ned Flanders-like neighbor making moves on Arnold’s wife. Like how dumb can you be?

If I haven’t already convinced you to watch this then I don’t know what else to say. It’s a wild ride that I’ve enjoyed watching year after year since I was child. I still have the VHS, while I no longer have a VHS player to play said tape I still hold onto it as a little reminder to keep watching that shit. A seriously slept on Christmas movie that’s bound to give you more than a handful of laughs.

--Dom Petty

White Christmas

A Christmas classic that I watch every year on Christmas Eve. A 1954 film including Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen. As the story goes, a famous song-and-dance act composed of two war heroes (Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye) run into an upcoming sister-act (Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen). The story involves self-discovery and personal growth (my favorites!) along with romance.

These gentlemen show some Christmas kindness and save these sisters from their landlord. The women then invite them to join them for the holiday and their journey takes them to a failing resort in Vermont. This is where they run into the General they served under during WWII and the receptionist of this inn is played by Mary Wickes. Side note, Mary played in Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg (another Ashley favorite) so naturally it’s one of my favorite things about the movie. Anyway, they end up creating this fantastic show, getting people to come to the inn and get camera crews to film the whole event to save them from their financial troubles.

This movie warms your heart with all the good fuzzy feelings that come with Christmas and has an iconic soundtrack. So if you’re one that likes old Hollywood, veteran stories, musicals, dancing and romance, then this is for you! I hope it’s something you can add to your Christmas traditions. Enjoy!

-- Ashley T.

Die Hard

Yes, it’s a Christmas movie. It happens on Christmas, there’s snow, and an evil German guy dies at the end by falling out of a skyscraper. The holy trinity of Christmas movies.

If you’ve never seen the original Die Hard, then you don’t get why they made the series long enough to eventually include Justin Long. THIS MOVIE WAS BAD ASS! Bruce Willis (still with hair) is John McClane. He has to save his wife and her company when some gun-slinging Germans crash their Christmas party at Nakatomi Tower. He single-handley takes them all down and tops it off by flinging Hans Gruber out of the 50th floor window. Classic Christmas.

While I could’ve said something sappy or heartfelt, I decided to be the coolest movie on this list. Other than Die Hard, I’m not sure if there is a Christmas action movie (does Krampus count?). So if you’ve had enough of seeing Rudolph learning the importance of self-confidence or Frosty the Snowman being let down by children, shake things up with a heart-pounding action flick that’ll make you hate the Germans like our grandparents.

-- Caleb Tackes


How could you NOT have Elf as a favorite Christmas movie? An all star cast and wonderful comedic performance by Will Ferrell makes this movie a must watch during the holidays. Elf is a nice refresher from all the “Santa'' centered plots while still sticking to those generic Christmas movie themes such as spreading Christmas cheer and singing loud for all to hear.

Coming out in 2003 makes this movie relatively new compared to most Christmas movies however, it holds up as one of the most quotable Christmas movies out there. Don’t be a cotten-headed ninny muggins this year and make sure to watch Elf.

--Kyle Gosiewski

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold with cousin Eddy and the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse! This 1989 classic is just good old-fashioned holiday comedic gold for the whole family. All three installments of this series are great but Christmas Vacation tops the cake as Clark Griswold is trying to give his family a great Christmas while dealing with crazy extended family and crappy neighbors. Just watch it and see. Meet Christmas, Shitter's full!

--Corey Blatter

Air Bud

I have no idea what list of Christmas movies, what pile of sticky hallmark DVD cases, or which boys locker room at the YMCA can remotely be considered complete without the undeniable family classic Air Bud VHS deluxe box set. It’s a Christmas movie. For God’s sake, the movie has a dog in it.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. You might be thinking: “JOE!!! AIR BUD IS NOT A CHRISTMAS MOVIE!!!”….. First of all, I have to address your inappropriate tone. This is a restaurant, and people are trying to eat peacefully. Second of all, I have to refute your argument. Roughly at 2 hours and 36 minutes, a (very blurry) Christmas tree can be briefly spotted in the movie. Case closed. Really blurry, but case closed. Checkmate. Go home kid. Thirdly, that clown guy f******g sucks and every time I watch the movie I GET OFF to the scene of Air Bud picking that one kid over that stupid f********g clown, and I stand up and throw popcorn at the screen and scream: “SUCK IT CLOWN!! SUCK IT STUPID CLOWN! YOU SUCK! YOU BAD!” and then my neighbors pound on the wall.

--Joseph Charles Lempa III

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