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Bromunity Q&A - Drunk Ass Matt's BRO Tattoo

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Depending on which Bradley University alumni you ask, Matt O'Shea is either the wildest person they know or.... like top three. So wild that his nickname is simply "Drunk Ass Matt". Of course, Matt does have a mature side. A mature side that can unveil itself when necessary and aids him well in adulthood. However, this Q&A is not about his mature side.

In 2014, Matt was introduced to the Fratority (Fraternity/Sorority) of Beta Rho Omega. Members of Beta Rho can confirm that he immediately embraced our ironic (but, simultaneously genuine) fratty lifestyle. Majority of Beta Rho was in their Junior year, while he was a Freshman. We had our own houses, he lived in the dorms. We did stupid things, he enjoyed stupid things. Naturally, he pledged Beta Rho. Pledging BRO is not difficult. There's nothing to memorize, no mandatory sleepovers, and no requirement to prove yourself by any means. However, "Drunk Ass Matt" had something to prove.

So on April 20, 2015, Matthew E. O'Shea got a BRO tattoo. See below sexy pose:

He is currently the only person alive with such a tattoo. Some members of Beta Rho Omega have talked about getting one or joked about the state of mind they'd have to be in to get that on their body. But, no one else has followed through. So, to recap this bold proclamation of love for a fake Fratority, I put together some questions. Along with his closest Beta Rho brethren, Ryan "Sweet Cheeks" and Jeff "El Jefe", Matt eagerly answered. Here's what they had to say:


Share a quick "Drunk Ass Matt" story that would explain why this tattoo was inevitable.

Brother Jeff "El Jefe": Oh boy... So at 1319 [BRO house] keggers, Drunk Ass would always get really, really hammered and go off on solo adventures running around campus on foot, only to appear several hours later, usually sweaty and out of breath. Who knows where he went. I don't know if he even knows. Matt is an intensely spontaneous person, and that's one of the reasons I love him :)

Did you have any talks with Matt about getting the tattoo prior to it happening?

Brother Ryan "Sweet Cheeks": Honestly, can’t remember. I knew he got the Jeep one first, then he full sent the Beta Rho tat, which I admire. 

Brother Jeff "El Jefe": I think he did talk to me about how he was going to get a Beta Rho tat. I just imagined it a quarter of the size.....

What other tattoos do you have?

Matt "Drunk Ass Matt" O'Shea: Actually the Bro tat led me to get way more tattoos. I have a half sleeve and then probably by the time that this is put up I'll have my other arm and chest covered. Both sides of my torso are done with big pieces. My right leg is pretty much covered knee up to my butt and then on my right leg I have the BRO tat and then I have “LORD” for Scott Disick just king of a bunch of fuckery that goes on.

What made you officially decide to get the best tattoo ever made?

Matt "Drunk Ass Matt" O'Shea: Umm honestly I had the best friends in college and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them so getting a little ink to remember the best time in my life was an easy choice.

Quickly describe the day of (who with, tattoo artist reaction, etc.).

"Drunk Ass Matt": Umm it was honestly a pretty chill day. I remember a few of us all going for some moral support and the guy who tattooed me was by far the weirdest dude I've ever gotten a tattoo from. And then I remember going back to BRO HQ and getting hammered and Chewe slapping my leg where I got the tattoo. Now the second half to this is when I got the bulldog under the letters here in Springfield. And that was a weird experience in itself. Dom came with me and the dude who tattooed me was actually pretty cool and thought it was hilarious. Then per usual, Dom and I proceeded to get drinks after and got super hammered then went for horseshoes.

What was your first reaction to the tattoo?

"Sweet Cheeks": Oh shit! He is committed!

"El Jefe": Wow thats for life, Matt... but gotta respect it.

What are people's most asked questions about the tattoo?

"Drunk Ass Matt": Ummmm most asked question is why the fuck would I do it and I always tell them that if they were there for my Freshman year at Bradley, it only would make sense. But it's definitely a conversation starter if I can't find anything else to talk about.

What questions do you have for Matt about the tattoo (i.e. - "What the Fuck?")?

"El Jefe": Would you honestly do it again if you had a do over?? lol

"Sweet Cheeks": No questions, once a Bro, always a Bro. Put some ressssspect on it.

What are your parents thoughts? Girlfriend's thoughts?

"Drunk Ass Matt": Ummm Dad thought it was fucking hilarious and my Mom has kind of come around to it being funny, but at first it was definitely a shock. I am pretty sure Nicole hates it, but at the same time it's tucked up high enough that no one can see it and usually when she tells people I did that they think its funny so it rides a fine line there.

Have you told other people about it? What were their reactions?

"Sweet Cheeks": I have. When I did, I included that his pledge name was Drunk Ass Matt and they understood.

"El Jefe": I'm sure I have. People I tell from my hometown who know Matt, don't blink an eye... lol

Who do you think is the next in Bromunity to get a BRO tattoo?

"Drunk Ass Matt": Umm that’s a hard one to say. My top two would definitely be Caleb and Mario probably Uly in there too. Once you get past the initial shock factor of doing it, it's really funny and cool. Sometimes I find myself laughing at it. 10/10 recommend a BRO tat.

Would you consider getting a BRO tattoo? Who do you think is the next in Bromunity to get a BRO tattoo?

"Sweet Cheeks": I’d get one down the road. Too memorable not to. Thinking the founding fathers such as Caleb/Brody/Dom Maxberry/etc.

"El Jefe": I'm not a huge proponent of tattoos. I can't really see myself getting one. Beta Rho is a magical organization that I will always be apart of and cherish. Doesn't mean I have to get it inked on my skin.

Any regrets? 

"Drunk Ass Matt": No none at all. I have very little regard for what gets permanently marked on my body.


As mentioned, after the initial Greek letters, "Drunk Ass Matt" got some touch-ups featuring Beta Rho Omega's mascot: the bulldog.

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