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Best and Worst Halloween Candy

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The Bromunity Community, like many of you, were once children. Children with one goal on Halloween: GET DAT CANDY! If you've ever trick or treated, you know the paint of receiving an apple at a neighbor's door. But also, the delight of your favorite chocolate bar.

Let us know if you agree with our best and worst by voting, commenting and sharing below. Or if we COMPLETELY overlooked the best candy ever invented.

Best - Trolli Sour Gummy Worms

Hands down. First of all, you need some gummies to break up all the chocolate. Not only is it great for the palette it also gives your trick or treat bag that nice weird chocolately fruit smell that is only something you get when you trick or treat. It’s rare to find and that makes it even more special!! 

Worst - Popcorn Balls

I don't know who makes them or why but they suck and no one wants them. If you want popcorn you should pop it yourself because trying to eat a popcorn ball is almost as messy as eating a crunchy nature valley bar - that shit gets everywhere. 

-- T. Gaw 

Best - Snickers

When evaluating the best candies it’s hard to be objective. The flavor profiles are as vast and varied as the Earth’s landscapes, that is to say all it really comes down to is personal taste. For me that was a hard choice between the simple and delightful Reeses cup or the medley of delicious that is the Snickers. Both are top of their class of course but in the end, the title of valedictorian has to be given to Snickers. A hard choice for sure but only with Snickers have I awoken from a near diabetic coma, shirtless, covered in what can be likened to a chrome parka of snack size wrappers like a chocolate caked Rip Van Winkle. Snickers, you son of a bitch, I love you.

Worst - Pretzels

It's those little Snyders bags that you would find like five or six of when you would be evaluating the Halloween haul. Sure it’s “healthy” but fuck that I’m 10 years old and only want to eat processed sweets until my stomach hurts. Fuck you pretzels.

-- Ulysse Bergquist

Best - Reese’s Cups

Peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Have you ever tried them frozen? You should. And since you asked, Reese's Pieces are good, but they're definitely disapointing compared the full cup.

Worst - Twizzlers

Licorice sucks. If you can’t handle that mildly-hot take, then we can no longer be friends.

-- Caleb Tackes

Best - Snickers

Every Halloween I find myself stuffing my candy blackhole with these chocolatey caramel, nougaty delights. The fun sized Snickers offer a devilish temptation. I find it less shameful to have more than one since it’s a mere sampling of a full Snickers bar. However, after my twelfth or thirteenth fun sized treat, I tend to reevaluate my eating habits and overall life choices. Snickers are just too damn delicious, and the workday is long and treacherous. The office candy bowl beckons to me! Oh ye, sweet sugary siren! Have mercy on these hips.

Worst - Candy Corn

Candy corn is gross and the whole concept is ludicrous. Whose idea was it to make a vegetable candy? Would your Halloween be any sweeter with a handful of candy broccoli? Imagine chomping on a sugar-coated asparagus or opening a big bag of chocolate peas playfully popping them like Memaw and her pills. What horrors! The truth is vegetables cannot be candy. Fruits? Fruits make fine candies and a wide range of sweet assortments. But stay in your lane vegetables. Know thyself. Stick with corn on the cob, not corn on the high fructose syrup. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, and it tastes terrible.

-- Zach Rimkus

Best - 3 Musketeers

In a light sweet treat 3 Musketeers takes me on a cloud ride to deliciousness. They always remind me what Halloween is about: eating candy until I feel like shit like a true American. 🇺🇸

Worst - Milk Duds

Although a sweet chocolate delight, Milk Duds are almost impossible to eat. It takes me like 45 minutes to eat one. How am I supposed to shove a whole box in my mouth with standards like that?

-- Mario "Sex Mex" Garza

Best - Candy Corn

It’s the best because it’s orange just like a nice orange kitty.

Worst - Candy Corn.

It’s terrible because it’s all over the floor at my house. Like everywhere. Like somebody clean this shit up. I’m not going to do it. My vacuum cleaners full of it.

-- Joseph Charles Lempa III



Snickers (2 votes)

3 Muskateers (1 vote)

Reese's Cup (1 vote)

Trolli Sour Gummi Worms (1 vote)

Candy Corn (1 vote)


Candy Corn (2 votes)

Milk Duds (1 vote)

Popcorn Balls (1 vote)

Pretzels (1 vote)

Twizzlers (1 vote)

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