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Ranking Chicago's Championship Sports Teams of the "Modern Era"

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Chicago. No matter where you're from, you know it. If someone asks where you're from and you even mention Chicago, they immediately associate two things. Food obviously. Because come on, it's Chicago. But even more, sports. And not just any sports, but winners. People hear Chicago and their minds automatically see Michael Jordan, Walter Payton, Patrick Kane, and so many more. Chicago is seen as the Mecca of Basketball, it saw Football come to life under George "Papa Bear" Halas, and has amassed fans unlike any other.

The city is loyal to its teams. Chicagoans are much like big brothers. We know our teams are bad sometimes. Hell, they may even suck, but we don't let anybody talk crap about them unless it's us. And trust me, they do suck sometimes. We stood by the Hawks through the 90's and early 2000's, we still stick by the Bears no matter ehat. Because let's be honest for a second. At least we're not the Packers. I won't even get into what you Cubs fans went through for so long. But I'll give them one thing. Most never favored away once. And if that's not a testament to the kinds of fans this city produces, I don't know what is (But they still suck!)

But even though Chicago has seen some rough times in the sports world, that's not what people think of. They think of the championships... the dynasties. And that's why I'm writing this in the first place. Chicago has seen some absolutely remarkable championships over the course of history. And with no real sports going on for me to write about, I thought, what is the best championship in the people's eyes? So I created a poll. And the limited results I did get (This is my first time writing something like this) I've gathered some expected, and some interesting opinions.

Keep in mind, this is a fan vote. Yes there are some of these teams that were just too good to get snubbed, but at the same time, there is at least some bias involved and that will show. Now let's get down to the nitty gritty! (Note: look for where I'd rank each one as you go!)

12. 2005 Chicago White Sox

Winning the World Series against the Houston Astros in a four game sweep, the White Sox in 2005, under Manager, Ozzie Guillen finished with a 99-63 record. And in dominant fashion, only lost one game in the postseason to win the series. This team has never really gotten the credit it deserves and does not get mentioned near as enough as it should. A roster lead by Paul Konerko (should've been going to the HoF), who hit 40 HRs and 100 RBIs, Mark Buehrle, Joe Crede, Scott Podsednik, and bringing up Bobby Jenks from the minors was almost unstobbable, besides a rough patch in August. But them being placed last on this list baffles me. Not only were they great in the regular season and dominant in the postseason, but it was exciting to watch them in the playoffs too. Paulie's game 2 grand slam is something I'll never forget! Plus, nit saying anything for sure, but the beating laid on the Astros by the sox may have shown them that they could win in the NL but can't beat the AL in the World Series, so they decided to switch conferences and steal signs to win it all finally. But who knows really?

My Ranking: 4


11. 2015 Chicago Blackhawks

The third cup in just six years but the Blackhawks on the map as a dynasty in the sports world during the 2010's. After a regular season record of 48-28-6, they beat the Lightning to win the Stanley Cup and win a championship at Home in Chicago since the Bulls in '97. Having the core of Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, Marian Hossa, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, with Coach Joel Quennville on the bench for all those years (and mostly still) was incredible to watch.

My Ranking: 12


10. 2013 Chicago Blackhawks

17 Seconds! Need I say more?

A shortened season due to a lockout (Record of 36-7-5) wasn't going to stop these guys from getting out to a hot start and never looking back on their way to winning the President's Trophy, having the best record in the league. They then fought past the Wild, Red Wings, Kings and Bruins to win ther fifth Stanley Cup in team history. There was nothing like being there for the parade and rally! Also, can't forget Marchand getting his ass kicked by Andrew Shaw!

"Fuckin' Right, Chicago!!" - Corey Crawford

My Ranking: 9


9. 1998 Chicago Bulls

The Last Dance!

The Bulls won their sixth championship against the Jazz. Man, it must've felt nice to be able to sit there with a cigar and champagne, knowing that you just did something no one had done since the Celtics of the '60's in winning two 3-peats in just eight years. Plus never going to a game 7 in the Finals. Tune in on Sunday for the Finale of "The Last Dance" to re-live it!

My Ranking: 10


8. 1997 Chicago Bulls

Winning number five and downing the Jazz in the Finals for the first of back-to-back meetings for the championship, Jordan, Pippen and Rodman do it again and run the league with a 69-13 season. If Pippen would have made that three against the Knicks, they would have had consecutive 70-win seasons.

My Ranking: 7


7. 1996 Chicago Bulls

Winning their fourth of six championships, all under the leadership of Phil Jackson, the '96 Bulls were an absolute force to be reckoned with. If you've paid any attention to "The Last Dance", I shouldn't have to say much. Michael Jordan's first year back after retiring to play baseball like his father always wanted, and the addition of Dennis Rodman, along with Scottie Pippen made an unstoppable freight train leading to a record 72-10 season, and only three loses in the postseason. Seriously, watch the docuseries and you'll understand. They were also the victors of a fan vote for Best NBA Team Ever. This is another head scratcher, as they are easily one of the best teams on this list, no question!

My Ranking: 2


6. 2010 Chicago Blackhawks

Ending a championship drought that dated back to 1961, the 2010 Blackhawks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in overtime to win its fourth ever Stanley Cup. The captain winning the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP, along with the Olympic Gold Metal earlier that year beside Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook. This roster was seriously stacked Not only the core I mentioned earlier, but also the likes of Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien and so many more made this team a powerhouse.

My Ranking: 3


5. 1993 Chicago Bulls

The first 3-peat. A relieved Michael Jordan getting ready to leave the game of basketball and try his hand playing baseball for the good guys on the south side (or at least in their system). Defeating the Charles Barkley and the Suns in six games after another solid season and an All-Star season for both Jordan and Scottie Pippen. This also was the last championship won in the old Chicago Stadium before the original Madhouse on Madison was demolished in 1995. It obviously was not the Bulls best regular season based on records (57-25), but they were well in control during the playoffs as they swept the first two rounds, and won four straight games after dropping the first two to the Knicks in the Conference Finals. They also only lost two games to the Suns. The Bulls didn't lose a single game by more than 10 points in the playoffs that year.

My Ranking: 8


4. 1992 Chicago Bulls

The Bulls do it again! after their first championship victory the year before, the '92 Bulls repeat as champions, beating the Portland Trailblazers in six games to hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy once again. Having posted both 14-game and 13-game winning streaks during the season, they ended with a record of 67-15before their playoff run to face Clyde "The Glyde" Drexler and the Blazers.

Fun Fact: The Blackhawks were in the Stanley Cup Final the same year, although they would lose to the Penguins.

My Ranking: 6


3. 1991 Chicago Bulls

Finally, after being drafted in 1984, Michael Jordan is finall able to win his first championship! (Spoiler Alert: he wins a few more, shh) The Bulls had a 61-21 record, with MJ getting the scoring title and the MVP that year. They were easily the best team through the playoffs as they only lost one game on their way to the Finals. But the real icing on the cake was beating the "Bad Boy" Pistons after losing to them in the playoffs the two years prior. But not just beating, but sweeping them. They beat them so bad that Detroit walked off the court with 7 seconds still on the clock. The Bulls would go on to beat the Lakers in the Final in 5 games.

My Ranking: 5


2. 2016 Chicago Cubs

After 108 years, the 2016 Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series since 1908, defeating the Cleveland Indians in the 10th inning of game 7. The Cubs (103-58-1) led by manager, Joe Maddon and core players Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, and Javier Baez were able to break the "curse of the Goat" and complete the cycle of modern-day Chicago teams to win their respective championships. I will say that the Cubs did have a very strong regular season. Getting over 100 wins is a feat in itself. But I cannot say it was the most entertaining postsean, besides the emotion of it all for Cubs fans that had been waiting their entire lives to witness what happened. I probably should have had someone else write this part, as I see my anti-Cub bias peaking through a little bit. If it were completely up to me just based on opinions, I'd most likely have the Cubs last as I'm sure a lot of people did for the Sox. Because, Let's be honest, it's the Cubs. They had a solid regular season, but nothing too striking for me (There's that bias)

My Ranking: 11


1. 1985 Chicago Bears

Without further ado, the greatest Chicago Sports team ever in the "Modern Era" or in any era, the 1985 Chicago Bears. The winners of Super Bowl XX over the New England Patriots, the '85 Bears had a 15-1 record, led the league in both yards and points allowed per game. They were even winners of a bracket for best NFL team ever in a fan vote by Yahoo Sports. I mean this team was insanely talented; with the likes of Mike Singletary, Richard Dent, William "The Fridge" Perry, and non-other than Walter Payton, arguably the greatest football player of all-time! Not to mention, DA COACH, Mike Ditka.(Who, in a fight with a hurricane would win, unless that hurricanes name... was Hurricane Ditka). They even made the Super Bowl Shuffle Two months before they would win. Granted, it was for charity, but still, they were great and they knew it.

My Ranking: 1


There you have it! Chicago's finest sports teams of modern times ranked by you! In a time with no sports, we need to find ways to get our fix. There were some head scratchers in there while I was looking through the polls, but thank you to all that took a second to contribute to this!

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