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EA Finally Announces Long Awaited New Skate Game

"Where is Skate 4?", is a question you've probably heard at least a couple times in the last decade. The people have been wanting to know, and finally as of a few weeks ago, we might know the answer. The Skate development team took to the World Wide Web to announce they have a new Skate game in progress. It's still in early development (Pre-Pre Alpha) and I gotta say, it looks very promising.

The motion of the characters, the small details like falling leaves on the ground, even how the board sounds when rolling across different surfaces, seems like a big improvement from a near perfect Skate 3. We also got some hints of multiplayer such as clips of large groups of skaters riding together. I could see this game being extremely fun to hop on and play in an open world with friends. There's also a lot of content potential for large groups of streamers to play this, which will only promote the games popularity even more.

Of course, the recent announcement didn't leave us without questions. Growing concerns over the team announcing that the game would be "Free To Play" had fans worried the game would be littered with micro transactions. Such as purchasing "loot crates" which are mystery boxes that have you pay real money to receive in game items. This is often how free to play games make their money. Instead of paying $60 one time upfront, you end up spending hundreds even thousands of dollars over time. The other concern was that only some of the game would be available for free and the rest would be behind a pay wall. In response to this, the development team was quick to say there would be no loot crates or pay walls to play the game, which came as a surprise considering EA is a company with a horrible track record with micro transactions.

Even though I was in middle school when the previous Skate game released, I think we can all agree it's not a good idea to rush games. We've seen how pushing to finish something before its ready can ruin a great concept with failing mechanics. We can't let this long awaited game be for nothing. I know when the team is ready, the game will be out and I'm hopeful it will be the best the series has seen yet.

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